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Key Features

Wavel integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, making it a breeze to set up and manage.


Transcribe audio and video recordings with deep learning speech recognition

  • Our AI transcribes voice from millions of calls each week and improves with each call
  • Picks up terms specific to your business, allowing for deeper insights and analysis
  • Best in class speaker separation, find who is speaking at what time accurately
  • Custom vocabulary, smart punctations and numerical formatting
  • Tailer speech engine according to your business

Speech Analytics

Analytics helps you to quickly and easily sift through and analyze the massive volumes of data captured in your customer interactions

  • Automatically score performance and sentiment
  • Scoring customizable to specific business objectives
  • Measure the effectiveness of sales pitches
  • Conversation reasons including behaviors, outcomes, competitors and more
  • Machine learning feedback to contextually tune categories


PCI and sensitive data redaction from audio and transcripts

  • Mask Sensitive Data
  • Edit audio with text
  • Securely Share Audio & Transcripts
  • PCI/PII compliant
  • Scanning for Numeric-based PCI/PII Data

Moments Search

Our audio-to-text sync platform makes video/audio editing, and search exceptionally simple

  • Review an hour long call in less than 5 minutes
  • Search across action items and other important highlights
  • Auto tag important moments in the conversation such as pricing, competitors, etc.
  • Use filters, tags and keywords to search within conversations


proactively self-monitor for a potential violation, and quickly and completely remediate the harm

  • Calculate the relative risk level of any call based on conversational content
  • Monitor your calls to abide by the specific rules outlined in the consumer protection laws
  • Process all calls to flag banned or unauthorized terms
  • Redact PCI, SSN and other PII

Agent/Rep Feedback

Agent/supervisor portal, direct performance feedback

  • Focused Performance Optimization
  • Role-based Dashboards
  • Improve agent retention with coaching personalized for each agent
  • Improve response times and lower overall monitoring costs

Key Benefits

Contact Center Efficiency

Speech analytics can reveal opportunities to streamline processes, eliminate unnecessary steps, and more effectively schedule and allocate the human resources

Customer Experience

Speech analytics offers an incredibly rich source of unsolicited feedback to be able to increase sales effectiveness, Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, first call resolution, and customer loyalty


Wavel smart technology is adaptive and tailor-made for accessible transcription so you get the highest accuracy at the lowest cost

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Integrate with dozens of popular apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Zoho, Zapier + more.


Automatically record and get automatic transcriptions, important moments for each call or meeting


Automatically link to 100+ apps through Zapier


Our two-way integration with the Kaltura video platform automatically pushes videos to Wavel for captioning.


Wavel's two-way integration with Panopto’s online video platform allows users to flag videos for captioning directly in Panopto.

Aws s3

Link your s3 bucket where you store your voice data, we will do rest of the job for you


We have developer-friendly API which you can plug in your existing workflow. Integrate with your applications using our webhook requests.