Live Note-taking
solution for Zoom

Students can read, highlight, add notes to important points in the lecture. Improve the experience of online learning and provide accessible lectures to all the students.

Zoom + Wavel

Wavel integrates with Zoom to provide 99% accurate interactive transcripts in real-time. Students can read, highlight, make notes, and store knowledge for each live class on WaveNotes.


  • Live Interactive Transcripts for each class or meeting
  • Make your audio/video files searchable
  • Caption your videos
  • Unique audio+video+text+image notes for each students for each class
  • Send captions to your learning management platform or video management platform after the class.

Ensured security with SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, VPAT and HECVAT compliance


Integrate with dozens of popular apps like Zoom, Skype, Panopto, Zapier + more.


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